People say that I am a junkie, because all my life rotate around one thing. The thing. The same thing that I spend all my money on. The thing that makes me feel alive only when I do it.

I need it. I feel it on my skin that to be able to be happy I need it.

When I do it I feel free. It makes me I feel that I have all the power in my own hands. When I do it I can do anything. Literally anything : jump from a bridge, walk from miles.. and also flying..


It feels that I can do whatever I want with my life! I can be whoever I want.


When I do it I can see the sun even if it is cloudy outside. I can see the green in the desert.

However when I do not do it I feel like the opposite. I feel in prison. I feel like I have to carry a heavy weight on my chest. It is like to have an anchor attached to your ankle. I  am unmotivated and the only thing that I can think of is the next time that I can do it and where I can do it.


It could be considered a disease. An obsession.


Lucky it does not have physical effects. It is “just” a mental disease.

Our scientists did not find a cure for it, and they never will.


I am suffering of wanderlust-900x214



What is Wanderlust?

Wanderlust it is an English word. In other languages, as mine (Italian), does not exist the direct translation.

It is a German word, made from “wandern”, which means walking, as in to take a walk, and “Lust”, desire. Means a strong desire to travel. Also associated with discovering new places.

So actually it was not accurate when I said that it was a mental disease. It is more a feeling. I feel that I want to travel, I feel I want to go into the nature, I feel Wanderlust. It is an emotional state.


For me, a person that “suffers” of the constant feeling of Wanderlust I can tell you that it can be stronger than just a “feeling”.

It is so much more!

 In fact some people describe it as “the irresistible and overwhelming feeling to join nature, fresh air and high mountains by hiking or climbing.” or “A deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world.”


Wanderlust is the best feeling that you could imagine.

It is love mixed with happiness, freedom, wonder and beauty

You feel free when you fill your eyes with all the different landscapes and cities that you can find around our beautiful world. The sound of the waives of the crystal clear sea. The feeling of the warm sugar-like sand under your feet. The stunning sight of the valley seen from the top on the highest mountain.

All this is Wanderlust.


Wanderlust is pure passion.


Passion of travelling. Passion of seeing new places. Passion about learning about different culture and religion from your own. Passion of tasting different foods.


Wanderlust is growth.


Every single travel will make you change, develop. Once you leave you know that you will come back as a different person. A better person. Every travel teaches you something about people, culture, food, religions and mostly you will learn always something new about your-self.

A travel can be a life changing experience or maybe you will just learn that you do not like cilantro but love the delicious taste of exotic fresh fruit. It does not matter what you will learn, you just have to know that the travel experience will teach you a lesson.


Sometime people give a negative meaning to the term “changing” however we give a positive connotation to words as “ improve”, “evolve”, “grow”. Those terms are actually synonyms of “changing”.

Traveling does change you.

You will improve.

You will evolve.

You will grow.

Feeling wanderlust is an uncontrollable and overwhelming desire to travel and go into the nature.


I am not the only one that feels Wanderlust. A lot of people before me and after me will feel it.

All the old explorer, as the Vikings, the English explorer Thomas Cook, the Italian Cristoforo Colombo and many, many other people before us felt Wanderlust. This feeling pushed them to take the risk to break the space and time barrier that they found in front of them.

Taking that risk, they’d bet their own life and they won that bet! With a huge success!!
The Vikings where the first that got to America ( however they did not came back to tell about their discovery).
Cristoforo Colombo proved that the Earth was round, not flat as everyone believed in his time.

Thomas Cook made travelling safe finding a way to calculate the longitude so no one would get lost anymore.

Wanderlust is taking risk and to be fearless.


Being wanderlust is going against people that tells you that you will not gain a thing from travelling.

A sentence as this one “ You are just wasting your time and you money”. I’ve heard it so many times. As we would say in Italian: “ Like a broken record” that repeats it-self over and over.

But if I listened to those people I would not be where I am and who I am right now. And I love to be where I am!

You can prove to those people that they are wrong.

Be brave. Take your risk. Travel. Learn.

At the end you will be like Cristoforo Colombo. You will come back home with amazing discoveries.


It is true that nowadays there is no land left to discover. However discovering it did not end with the land.

It is harder if you barricade in your daily routine to actuate the process of discovering. However in every single travel you are discovering, learning new things. Discovering is a process that never ends. Each day you will discover something new.

Wanderlust is discovering who you are.


Traveling is the best gift that you could give to yourself because traveling means “find out who you are and how to be happy”.

Each travel is a journey to find yourself.

Traveling is collecting experiences from others. You can see what have worked for them and imitate it if you want the same result they had. You can also learn from their mistakes and try to avoid them in your life.

Travelling is the way to happiness.

 Wanderlust is the motor that stays behind each travel.

 Wanderlust is Freedom

freedomThe freedom to be the protagonist of you own life! Wanderlust is to be free to be the person in charge and takes decisions.

Wanderlust gives you the chance to travel and get out of your routine that keeps you stuck in the hamster wheel, spending your days between work, study and bills.

Life is about creating!

To create is the process to build your own freedom!!

 Wanderlust is being open minded.

You travel around and you just learn and learn everything that surrounded you. Every single person that you meet, no matter if he/she is old or young, black or white, can teach you something new.

Being wanderlust is seeing above the physical aspect. You learn to see the soul of a person.

Wanderlust makes you a global citizen.


When I’m reading about  beaches, the sea, the sand, cities, mountains and exotic landscapes I can actually see myself there.

Does it happen to you too?

Can you hear the sound of the waives or the sound of the wind blowing throw the tree leaves?

Can you feel the hit of the sun on your skin just watching a beach photo on your desktop?

Do you google about flight and destinations every time you have some spare time?


If your answer is YES… Well, I am sorry to tell you that you are sick too. You are a junkie as me.

You are a Wanderluster!!

Welcome to this big huge world wide family. Where the color of your skin does not matter. Where your religion and culture does not matter. It does not matter even if you are rich or poor, tall or short. Age does not matter.

We welcome you with open arms because we know that you have something new to share with us.

Don’t be afraid to let the world know how you feel. Be proud of being a travel junkie!!

Share with the World your passion!

Because not all those who Wander are Lost.