On Romeo’s and Juliet’s footprints, Verona


Verona inspired Shakespeare to write about the secret and tragic love of Romeo and Juliet. Verona is  the city were both Romeo and Juliet lived.
While you visit Verona, you will find yourself in a legendary and romantic atmosphere. Shakespeare took inspiration from the real history and locations in Verona writing his tragedy.
Someone thinks that the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet was true, and that Shakespeare just realaboreted their love story.

Also Dante Alighieri talks about the rivalry of the families Monticoli e Cappelletti that happen in the medioeval. It is known that during Dante’s time the Cappelletti family livend in the house that to day you can call “ casa di Giulietta”, “ Juliet’s house”, and the rival family was located in the building that today we call “ casa di Romeo”, “ Romeo’s House”.

The House of Juliet and her balcony have a importante roule in Shakespears tragedy. Entering in the Cappelletti ( Capuleti)’s garden you will be able to see the Balcony where the two lovers declare their eternal love.


Few steps away you will find Romeo’s House. In this building were living the Monticoli ( Montecchi) family, the rivals of the Cappelletti. It is been told that every day, from here, Romeo would go to juliet’s house crossing the gardens. He would go there and wait for her under her balcony and when she would show up he would declare all his love to her.


You will find Shakespeare’s footprints also at the Portoni della Brà in Piazza Brà.
Portoni della Brà were the principal entrence in Verona. In the shaksperian tragedy, right after Romeo kills Tebaldo to revenge Mercuzio’s dead, Romeo needs to fled from Verona. Right under this entrance he said:

There is no world without Verona walls,
But purgatory, torture, hell itself.
Hence banished is banish’d from the world,
And the world’s exile is death.”

This monument symbolize Romeo’s goodbye to Verona, and the start of his exile.
Right here that you will find a statue of William Shakespere.

Piazza Brà gates


In the San Francesco al Corso monastery you will find Juliet’s thumb. In the past this Monatery was located outside from the walls, so also Romeo could have access to it.

It does not really matter if Romeo and Juliet is a just a story or if it was all real. This tragic love story is fascinating all the tourists and visitors of Verona creating a romantic and exciting atmosphere.

Right under Juliet’s balcony you can experience one of the most typical experience that you can have in Italy. Check here what it is!

This is a city that everyone should MUST visit. It can be really romantic but is you are this family or friends, it is still a must. Check the Quick Guide of  Verona


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