It’s time to change… But I Need YOUR Help

Did you ever have that Moment? That feeling that tells you ” Right now, this is the time to make a decision that will improve my life”.
If you think about your life and your thoughts are :” I love my life, I would not change a thing”.. well, or you are truly the happiest person that has ever lived on earth or you are just telling it yourself hoping that, if you keep saing it, it will become true.
We are hummans. it doen’t matter if we like it or not but changing is in our nature. We always want to improve, maybe you just want to refine something small or maybe you are searching for the big change!

When it’s time to change something it feels like the Universe or God ( or whatever you believe in) is telling you “ Now, it is the right moment” and you just know it, it’s time to do something.

Life is made of moments, but this type of moments that I’m talking about, rarely happens. However when it happens, you just know it. Everyone has these moments in life.

They can be scary as hell because it means to make a decision and this decision is between the change or our familiar. Sometimes we are to scared so we don’t choose and not choosing is already a choice and this moment will just pass by and we’ll keep living the same life we have lived up until now. It has happened to everyone to miss a moment. Probably you missed a moment too. Maybe there is something that if you could go back in time you would have done differently and followed your heart instead choosing to not risk because you were scared to fail.

That is the moment to take the decision of being brave or not. To take control of your life, or just keep it this way.

Now, at this point of my life I’m living one of this moments.
I just feel it and I’ve decided that I want to be brave because I’m worth it. I deserve happiness.

I decided to follow my heart instead of my head.

I believe that every living life is here has a unique purpose. Some people are lucky and know it without any doubts, they can start planning and working for that. There are people that are succeeding in their life. To succeed in life it doesn’t matter what you do, how famous you are or how rich you are, the only thing that matters is how you feel. One the people that is inspiring me is Ed Sheeran.

I feel inspired by him because many of his songs describes different shapes of me, plus we both were born in 1991. In many of his interviews I’ve heard him say that he was not born with talent, he worked hard to get this good. What kept him going wasn’t his talent but his passion in music. He knew that if he was going to fail he would have had to work in a supermarket for all his life, but he took is chances and did it because he knew that doing music was his purpose in life. It is his passion. He had to understand what he was passionate about, then, only after that, he could define his goal, for example:” becoming a famous singer so he could live doing what he likes”.

Once you have set your goal you must start walking towards and work hard to reach it.

So everything starts with finding your passions and to set a life goal. But what happen if you can’t understand which passions drives you?

What is your passion? What is that thing that you could do night and day without getting bored?

Some people has no answer for these questions. This is because they have found the answer.

Some people don’t don’t know what are their passions so they’d tell you ” I don’t have any”. I feel like that too BUT I believe that everyone has passions.

At this point of my life I am one of those people that lives their life without knowing their purpose or right place to stay.

The only things that I know are that I really love photography. I also know that I like to talk and help people and to do this I need to become a better communicator. I know some of my passions but I have no idea what I am supposed to do. For me, the hard part is to set a life goal. I envy people that know what they want to become in the future because today they can work to get there.

When I finished high school I had no idea how to continue my studies and what to do with my life. At that moment I had the feeling that traveling and discovering the world was the right thing to do for me. And I was right about it! All those 18 months working in an environment that I hated, was so stressful and no one actually cared about anyone, was totally worth it because I had a goal! So I bite the bullet and got all the money I needed to travel one year with Up with People.

That was one of the best experiences that I have ever had! I came back with more knowledge about cultures, people, food and mostly about myself.

I understood a lot of things about me, but discovering is an endless action.
I came home and chose to study communications and I am happy about this choice, it is the best one for me, but now I feel that it is one of those moments again. I feel that I should add a new experience to my life. I need to grow and do something else in order to get to know some new piece of “Me”.

I am too busy to build my life that I don’t have time to live it. I think many people feel this way. We live busy lives and somehow it happens that we don’t know anymore where we are going.

This is terribly wrong and sometimes we don’t even realize that we forgot why we are so busy. Our life compass gets confused and doesn’t know anymore where the north is and we just run from place to place without having any orientation. Right now I feel trapped in this cage called routine and I’ve forgot the reason why I am doing what I’m doing.

This is my moment to find out clearly my purpose. But how?

I am a traveler, so I believe that each place you visit will teach you something about yourself. Every place, every person that you meet around the globe has that right thing … it is like collecting pieces of a puzzle around the world, and you are the puzzle. Piece after piece you become more complete. So where can I go next?

I’ve got the feeling to be lost in this society rules and in social media. I want to do something that makes me feel reconnected with the earth and nature.

Have you ever felt like this?

What have you done?

Where did you go to reconnect with yourself?

Feel free to inspire me with your story about your brave decision that brought you where you are today.

Leave your suggestions and stories in a comment here below!