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The idea of Coffee in Italy is totally different from the one that the rest of the world have. This is why ordering coffee in Italy is so challenging for tourists.

coffee guide

Behind the word “coffee”, in Italy, there is a whole world. All the names, how it is served, how to make it and much more…

I’m often being asked to explain “how to order coffee in Italy” to my international friends.

I’m Italian, however I did not have all the Coffee knowledge to answer their questions. I was curious about it so I’ve asked an Italian coffee expert to introduce me to this aromatic and flavoured world.
The Italian Caffè!

This ebook will satisfy your Coffee curiousity. It will give you the basic knowledge about Italian coffee so you will be able to order it in the exact way you want to enjoy your Italian coffee.

After you’ve read THE ULTIMATE ITALIAN COFFEE GUIDE  you will be also able to make your own Italian coffee!!

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