7 Hacks to fly LOW COST without giving up your COMFORT!

My passion is to travel but I am not only a traveler, I am also a student. This means that I don’t have many money for travel. One of the cheapest way to travel around Europe is to fly with Ryanair. Flying with a low cost air company is the cheapest option, but not the most comfortable.

I’ve been flying with low cost companies for many years, and I’ve learned few hacks that allows me to save money and not give up your comfort.

Here I will share with you my wisdom about Ryanair.
I’ve collected 7 hacks. In the end you will find also an extra awesome idea!

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1- Free front seat!!

Would you like to sit in the front of the plane but you don’t feel paying extra? This is how I do it!

Flying more than 30 times with Ryanair, I’ve discovered this little secret that I want to share with you!

Your seat will be assigned to you when you check in. In order to have a free front row seat, the right timing to check in is essential!

If you want to choose where to sit Ryanair gives you the option to do it… if you pay!!!

Every time someone checks in without choosing their seats (without paying extra), Ryanair will assign seats starting from the bottom of the plane.

This way you should let more people check in before you do.

The more people check-in before you—à more seats will be assigned ->  more chances you have that they will assign you a front seat

My tactic is: Wait to check in online. I usually check in the night before or in the morning. This way you will have more chances to get a free front seat with extra space for your legs 😉

2- Avoid the gate queue keeping your hand luggage with you

Ryanair air crafts have limited space for our hand luggage so only the people first in queue will be the few elected to keep the luggage in the cabin. The others will be selected to leave their own hand luggage under the aircraft. This is one of the reasons that makes people queue for more than 40 minutes in front of the gate.

“I want to keep my luggage with me BUT, I do not want to stay in queue”

Well, ME TOO! And I have a solution for you!!

I want to keep my hand luggage with me in case I need something during the flight, but staying in queue really annoys me.

I’ve found out that the staff will choose only suitcases to put under the plane. So if you have a big purse or a backpack they will always find space for your item in the cabin, maybe sacrificing the luggage of someone else.

3- Be sure to sit next to you family and friends, for free!!
When you travel in groups and you want to sit next to each other during the flight usually you should pay an extra fee because sometimes ,when you let Ryanair choose your seats you have the risk to be separated and start your vacation sitting next to strangers instead of your friends. This can be annoying.

There is a way to higher your chances to sit next to your friends or family and save money too!!

Check in as soon as possible and check in all at the same time!! The flight will still be empty so they will assign your group to seats that are next to each other!

Keep in mind 2 things: 1 check in as soon as possible 2 check in all together at the same time!

4- If you want to relax..you better bring your headphones!!

During the flight they will make a lot of announcements and most of them are promotions or they are trying to sell you something. So my advice is to bring your headphones so you can enjoy and relax with your music instead of being annoyed about all the selling announcements and be tempted to buy their expensive products.

5- Can I buy a flight for less than 10 €?    YES YOU CAN
How? It is really simple.
Always be informed on sales and promotions.

The easiest and effective way to do so is to subscribe to their newsletter.

Ryanair has a lot of promotions. Every few weeks they will sell super discounted tickets.
Once I’ve flown to Barcellona for only 6,99€ or I could get to Bruxelles for only 5 €.

So if you want to be sure to get the best price you have to find your way to always be informed about their promotions -> subscribe to the newsletter

6- Be flexible
The price of the tickets can change day by day. Be flexible choosing your travel dates. Leave one day early or later can save you up to 100€.

7- Travel light

You must pay for every extra luggage you bring! So travel only with you back pack or hand luggage! This trick will save you up to 35 €!!

(Plus one) Be Creative!

Ryanair is a low cost air-company, so of course they won’t offer you any kind of entertainment. So it is up to you to do that!

your economic situation doesn’t matter. If you want to travel you will always find a cheap way to do it. Ryanair is one way to travel around Europe without spending your whole salary on one journey.

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