7 Experiences you should not miss when you are Italy



I feel so lucky that I live in one of the most beautiful country in the world, Italy. It is full of art, history, good food and old traditions. Being Italian I’ve grew up surrounded by the culture and all the traditions.

Here you can find some really Italian experiences that I recommend you to do while you’re in Italy!

  • Eat an Italian Ice cream


It does not really matter where you are in in Italy, Gelato is always the best!! I suggest you to try out different flavor of Italian ice cream. One of the original and always good flavor is Stracciatella. It is simple milk ice cream with dark pieces of chocolate. Simple but sooo good!! If you are a Nutella love as I am, you should try the Nutella flavor.

  • Gondola tour in Venice


Going on a gondola tour in Venice is one of the most romantic experience that you could ever experience. Ask to your gondolier to go under the Ponte Dei Sospiri(Bridge of Sighs). Italians believe that all the couples that kisses under this bridge will always truly love each other and, in case they get lost, they will find their way back to happiness.

  • Write a letter to Juliet under her balcony


I consider Juliet one of the most courage woman because she choose Love over everything. This is a choice that nowadays more women and men should take. Sometimes it is not easy to understand Love. If you feel like to hear some love advices from an expert, go to Verona. Sit under Juliet’s balcony and write her a letter!! You can also choose to send it to her posting the letter in the red mail box nearby the balcony. Don’t forget to include your home address because she will answer and advice you.

  • Make your wish come true throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain


Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi fountain is one of the most beautiful fountain that you will ever see.. and it is also magic! How does the magic work? Give a good look to the fountain. Close your eyes. Think a wish. Turn around and throw a coin over your left shoulder, into the fountain. Italians believe that, if you do this, all your wishes will come true. Mine did!


  • Eat the REAL pizza in Napoli


Pizza is the best dish ever! You can find it everywhere in the world and you know you will like it, but to try the original pizza is a totally different story! I suggest you to try a simple Margherita, with only mozzarella on it. It is simple but worth it!!!

  • Have an Aperitivo

All Italians loves to have aperitivo. It is a really nice way of hunging out, eating and drinking. The traditional time for aperitivo in in the late afternoon, before dinner. However Italians loves it soo much that now you can do it anytime of the day! Where to have an Aperitivo? I would advice you in any historical town center!! You will love it so much that you will start having Aperitivo also back home!

  • Taste Real coffe!!


If you are a coffee lover you can’t miss to taste the real Italian coffe!!
Italians loves coffee and they have uncountable ways to drink it! Keep in mind that if you ask a normal coffee you will get a really small cup with just few drops of coffee. It is a intense and strong espresso!

Check here how to order coffee when you are in Italy, so you will not be unprepared!!


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