Do you want to SAVE money with Ryanair?? 5 Things you MUST know

The Cheapest way to fly in Europe… if you know how to do it!!!

I firmly believe that you don’t have to be rich to travel. There are many different ways that allow you to travel for little money.
One to this is Ryanair, if you know how to do it. Here you will find 5 things that you MUST know before you fly with Ryanair.


What is Ryanair??

Ryanair is a low cost air company that gives everyone an opportunity to visit all Europe.
It will not be the most comfortable way to fly – the aircraft looks like a nice winged buss– but your wallet will still be smiling after you flew with them!

Ryanair can make you travel really cheap. Thanks to them I’ve flew from Bologna (Italy) to Barcelona (Spain) spending only 6.99€.
Choosing to fly with Ryanair can be the cheapest way to travel in Europe; if you know a few things before you purchase your ticket. This lowcoast aircompany is also really good in pumping up the prices in many different ways! So if you want to fly and save money, you must know few things about Ryanair.

5 Things you must know before you fly with Ryanair:

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  1. Check the location of the airport

Usually Ryanair flies to small airports that are located far away from the city.
Don’t worry!!! You will not find youself left alone in the middle of nowhere. There is always a way to get where you want to go!

  1. Only ONE hand luggage!!

it it fits

When you purchase your ticket with Ryanair you are allowed to bring only one hand luggage and a small –really, really small- purse or backpack. If you want to bring more luggage you have to pay an extra fee.
Be extra sure that your hand luggage respects the right Ryanair size. They are really strict. If it is a slightly bigger you will be asked to pay an extra fee and your luggage will be deposit under the plane.
Remember, if you want to save money, travel light.

  1. Check in online

Another way to save money is to be sure that you’ve checked in online and you have your ticket with you. If for any reason you have to check in at the airport or just want to print your ticket there, you must pay extra!

Remember to go to the airport with your ticket! It can be printed or just on your smartphone, either way you will be sure to save money.

  1. Don’t risk leaving your hand luggage under the plane!!!


If you want put your luggage in the cabins above the seats, you should queue in front of the gate. Ryanair aircraft are small so they have limited space. Only the first people in the queue will be sure to find space for their luggage in the cabins above the seats. Because that space is limited the cabin crew will start putting some hand luggage in the aircraft hold.

So if you want your hand luggage with you, remember to queue up at the gate.

  1. Bring your own snacks


During the flight there won’t be served any free snack or drinks. If you are hungry or thirsty, the cabin crew will offer you the opportunity to buy some food or drinks. However the price will be expensive!!

My advice is to bring your own food on the flight so you can avoid to buy some if you get hungry. This way you will eat what you want and save money at the same time!